Marcio L. Teixeira

Software, Graphics, Firmware and 3D Printing

Graphics and Virtual Reality

Graphics professionals often work with visual tools, but I enjoy making beautiful things with code, algorithms and mathematics.

Virtual 3D Printing

In this demo, interact with a 3D printer in virtual reality.

My projects have included a diverse mix of web technologies to make captivating, interactive websites that are usable on desktop PCs, mobile as well as in virtual reality using Google Cardboard, the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

Virtual Dome Theater

In this demo, watch a show in a virtual planetarium dome and try out different seats.

Firmware and UI Programming

I enjoy firmware and embedded systems programming, especially when it dovetails with my graphical interests. During my stay at LulzBot, I became one of the top contributors to the Marlin project, implementing many new features and forging a productive working relationship with the upstream Marlin developers.

Custom Touch Interfaces

I developed the touch user interfaces used in several commercial 3D printers, including the LulzBot TAZ Pro, the LulzBot Bio, the Cocoa Press and the SynDaver AXI.

Art & Technology

Electronics, software and 3D printing all come together in many of my more artistic projects. My work has been featured in the Loveland Reporter Herald, and Thingiverse.

The Illumination of Pi

This design combines 3D printing and LED illumination.


Want to hire me as a contractor?

I would love to do work for clients on cool projects that are a good match for my interests and skills.

Write for rates.

Projects involving an open-source license such as the GPL, the MIT license, or Creative Commons will receive discounted rates and priority.