THREE.js Dome Experiments

Dynamic experiences for dome theaters and virtual reality.

This web page was born out of my experiments for DomeLab. Code and documentation on GitHub.

i. This example allows audience participation using smartphones.
g. This example uses advanced GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language)
v. This example requires a “VR Ready” graphics card for acceptable performance.
nc. ShaderToys are generally licensed for non-commercial use (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0). For non-free exhibition, please contact the individual shader author via the ShaderToy link.
s. This demo is best viewed on a spherical display, such as the Gakken WorldEye

Projection Resolution:

Got a dome?

If you run a planetarium dome or dome theater, download CefWithSyphon for Mac OS X and export the Syphon feed to your favorite VJ software, such as Blendydome VJ.

Please help support this project!

This project is free and open-source software licensed under the Affero GPL v3. Please help support this project by visiting my Patreon page. Alernatively, if you want to send me a Gakken WorldEye to play with, that would be awesome too ;)
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